Craik Writes Year in Review for Physical Therapy Journal

By schwartzsa | January 19, 2011

Dr. Rebecca L. Craik, Professor and Chair of Physical Therapy, is Editor in Chief of Physical Therapy, the journal of the American Physical Therapy Association. In the January edition, Craik wrote a year in review for 2010 and what to anticipate for 2011.

“This is the season to be thankful while looking forward to our next adventures. The number and quality of new manuscripts continue to increase. During the past year, we published diverse papers ranging from an administrative case report of a triage system for acute care physical therapy services, to a perspective on the effects of statins on skeletal muscle, to a randomized controlled trial examining the effect of progressive resistive training on physical activity levels of people with osteoarthritis. Our new features that link evidence to practice (LEAP) and discuss the relevance of health policy issues (Health Policy in Perspective) have helped broaden our scope of interest as we find our way forward in this time of health care reform. Listening to the podcasts and hearing the voices of our authors as they discuss with other experts the relevance of their work to clinical practice has given us a greater understanding of research.”

The latest issue of Physical Therapy can be read online.