Small Heads, Big Talent in Judith Taylor Student Gallery

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 8, 2011

By Jordyn Austin ’14

Tired of staring at textbooks during your marathon study session in the library? Want to feast your eyes on something a whole lot more attractive than formulas? Then wander down to the lower level of the Landman Library where an exhibit, No Big Heads, is being featured through Feb. 11 in the Judith Taylor Student Gallery. The show features works by 26 Arcadia students and is of self-portraits no larger than 12” x 12.” A variety of styles and medias are on display, ranging from classics such as charcoal and oil paints to encaustic dry paint, photography, and intaglio-type printing.

While you’re poking around, be sure to check out the work of prize winners Krista Profitt ’11 (Honorable Mention for “Self Portrait”), Maria Clarke ’12 (Honorable Mention for “Self-Portrait”), Jesse Vincent ’11 (Third Place for “Untitled I”), Drew Griffith ’12 (Second Place for “On This Day, or The Next”), and Rebecca Daniels ’11 (Best in Show for “Face 83”) among the many pieces.

Other works featured are from the artistic talents of Kayelyn Manning ’14 (“Self Portrait”), Allee Garry ’14 (“Polar Opposites”), Elisha Riley ’14 (“Blind Contour – I Have a Cold” and “Blind Contour – Mysterious Tree Hugger”), Dana Waldman ’14 (“Blind Contour – Self Portrait”), Kaytria Stauffer ’12 (“Panic” and “Self”), Katie Rauth ’14 (“Bipolar Disorder II”), Chelsea Crozier ’11 (“Wrapped in Art”), Liesl Reimann ’11 (“Synestheisa”), Gerard Curtis ’14 (“Blind Contour in Room”), Carina Brandt ’14 (“Untitled”), Nicole Mascola ’14 (“Super Self” and “Typeface”), Jennie Samson ’12 (“Bedhead”), Larissa Krysiek ’12 (“Eye” and “Shoulder”), Sutie Madison ’11 (“Sutie”), Amanda Ricciardi ’14 (“Self Portrait), Delaney Dobson ’13 (“Leap with Powder I”), Clifford Koetas ’13 (“Untitled”), Stephanie Premich ’11 (“Untitled”), Amanda Walker ’13 (“Self”), Ryan Bross ’11 (“Self Portrait Right”), and Nichola Harris ’12 (“Untitled”).