Thousands of Daffodils, Dozens of New Trees, and More Beauty To Come

By schwartzsa | February 25, 2011

As the snow melts and the days grow longer, be on the watch for thousands of daffodils that will pop up on campus this spring.

Approximately 7,000 new daffodils will blossom this spring, joining several thousand that have already been introduced on campus over the past several years. As springtime approaches, Tom Macchi, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Capital Planning, reflects on his campus beautification project and anticipates the beautiful, budding campus to come.

“Fall 2010 was a busy time for plantings as the Facilities staff used that window of opportunity to continue the campus beautification projects,” he says. Approximately 40 mature, large-caliber trees, and other plant species have been planted in various locations all over campus.

As part of this process, red maple trees were added along Campus Drive, Easton Road, Kuch Center and Murphy Hall. Zelcova trees were planted around Manor Apartments, and white pines now stand in the areas adjacent to lot. Giant Sequoias have been added to the pond area, and crape myrtles, male and female hollies, as well as dozens of  “grey owl” junipers were planted along Boyer Hall.

“The new park areas along the ‘pit’ lot parking will continue to receive additional native species plant materials this spring as efforts to eradicate the invasive species that have invaded our Campus stream areas continue,” Macchi says.

“Additional planting systems are being planned, most of which will offer a greater variety of plants and flowering trees, and all of which are designed to change the visual and physical fabric of our campus environment in a healthy, varied and interesting way,” says Macchi. “There is much work that remains to be done!”