Arcadia’s Puro Ritmo Takes Gold in Latin Dance Competition

By Purnell T. Cropper | April 5, 2011

Puro Ritmo, Arcadia University’s Latin dance group, took first place at the 3rd Annual College Showdown, the nation’s biggest and most prominent college Latin dance event, at Drexel University.

The group had two weeks to assemble a team and prepare choreography before the competition. “We went into the competition without expectation because we only had two weeks of practice. Our plan was to observe and have fun on stage and it really worked. The judges came up to us afterwards and told us they loved our passion and energy for dancing,” says Jacquelyn Crutchley, Performance Director and Public Relations Representative for Puro Ritmo.

The group took home a first place trophy and a $1,500 cash prize. The prize money will help the group pay for future competitions and fund future performances.

Wade Green, Secretary of Puro Ritmo, won the Jack and Jill competition and a trip to Aruba. “It came as a shock to me, I didn’t expect to win. I was really nervous, but when I went on stage it was as if I was a different person. All the nerves went away, and I had a great time,” says Green.

Puro Ritmo plans to put a permanent competition team together and continue competing. “As our group grows so does our talent. Our strategy is to teach technique as well as the social aspect of Latin dance by performing as well as going out to salsa clubs and events. Our dancers achieve an authentic outlook of Latin dance this way and really grow and nurture their talents,” says Crutchley.