Solomon Spearheads Green Initiatives

By schwartzsa | May 27, 2011

Darryl Solomon, of Arcadia University’s Facilities Department (Aramark), recently spearheaded a major green initiative on campus. Solomon personally supervised the replacement of 300 soap dispensers with environmentally safe dispensers on campus and throughout student housing under the direction of Tom Macchi, Associate Vice President of Facilities and Capital Planning. The project took more than 11 hours to complete.

It was Solomon’s job to research and select the products that fit Arcadia’s green initiatives. In addition to the environmental considerations he also had to observe additional issues such as cost, cleaning strength and possible allergens.

Also an ordained minister at Church Grace Chapel Apostolic Church of Philadelphia, Pa. Solomon joined the Arcadia community in 1999, working in the dining hall. He switched over to the housekeeping department in Fall 2001. A Philadelphia native, Solomon is a perfectionist, always challenging himself to improve each project and process.

“I feel like I’m a part of something special,” he says. “My favorite part about my job is having the chance to make a difference is what I do. I try to give everyone my best no matter what the job is or whom it is for, they all deserve the best.”