Bremmer ’10 Returns to Arcadia, Joins Alumni Relations Staff

By Purnell T. Cropper | September 16, 2011

By Jenna Reim

The Office of Alumni Relations welcomes JoLynne Holloman Bremmer ’10 as the Office Administrator and Communications Coordinator. Bremmer, who earned a bachelor’s degree in Video Communications from Arcadia, is excited about the opportunity.

“I’m looking forward to getting involved in the campus again, especially with all of the changes that are taking place,” says Bremmer. “Coming back as an employee has been interesting because it gives me a different perspective of the campus and a bit more of an appreciation of my time here as a student, since I see things from the other side now.”

In her new position, Bremmer works closely with alumni in everything from communications to event planning. Recently, she filmed the Activities Fair and Castle cake-cutting. She also has organized an alumni tailgating party ahead of a Philadelphia Union soccer game with Mike Minetti, Assistant Director for Young Alumni and Students. Bremmer enjoys planning events like this because they allow her to share her interests with other young alumni.

Prior to joining Arcadia, Bremmer worked for a non-profit organization as an administrative assistant and as a supervisor for Whole Foods. “I learned how to effectively prepare and present an action plan to others and what was necessary to make those plans a reality [at Whole Foods],” she says. “This was something that I took away from that position and have found to be helpful in a professional setting.”

Bremmer credits much of her success to skills she learned at Arcadia. In today’s world, many students struggle with the ability to clearly and coherently express themselves. At Arcadia, classes require students to share and present their ideas. “Those opportunities really allowed me to gain a sense of comfort when it comes to speaking in front of others,” she says. “I now realize that without being able to share an idea in a way that makes sense to those around me, the amount of knowledge I possess on a subject is almost useless.”

When asked what she would tell recent college grads about the real world, Bremmer offered practical advice: Take a risk and look for jobs unfamiliar fields. “I sent out dozens of resumes during my first year out of school in a variety of fields, but I never really looked at a position in terms of ‘using my degree’ or not, but instead, how I could use the education I received here in that particular role.”

Jenna Reim is a graduate student in the Master of Arts in English program.