Ekstein ’14 Discovers Opportunities on an Autumn Campus

By schwartzsa | September 13, 2011

FYSAE participant and student blogger Amanda Ekstein ’14 is diving headfirst into her first fall semester in Glenside. In a recent post, she discusses the difficulties of striking a balance between work, campus events and getting sufficient rest.

As exciting and fun as it is to discover what Arcadia is like in the fall, so much happens that I end up going too hard and crashing on the weekend…

All of my classes are challenging. I feel happy to go to class knowing that I need to pay my full attention and give my best or I’ll fall behind. Knowing that I’m being pushed academically always makes me happy.

I can wear short sleeves! Despite the heavy rain we’ve had, it’s preferable to the clear but bitingly cold days we had at the start of spring semester last year. Seeing students hang about outside (and to see the new Commons approach the end of its construction) gives me a much better sense of the community I’ve come back to.

Finally, clubs are starting up again. I signed up for a brand new chapter of To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about teen depression, suicide, anger, bullying, and the like. I’m not quite sure what the club will be doing this semester, but I’m eager to dive in. Also, tomorrow marks the launch of Puro Ritmo, the Latin Dance club that I’m a part of. I cannot wait to see what the choreographers have come up with.

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