Video: ‘Students Are Having a Blast’ on Haber Green

By Purnell T. Cropper | October 11, 2011

“This is the best day of my presidency,” said a barefoot Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III, President of Arcadia University. Megaphone in hand, he declared the green space in the middle of campus open on Oct. 7 after more than a year of construction.

“And we have a new name for this turf, and we’re not going to call it a beach anymore—even though it’s a beautiful beach. We’re going to call it Haber Green after Lois Haber ’71 who has given a phenomenal amount to the University. With the help of the Class of 1971, they made over a seven-figure gift to Arcadia,” he continued amid cheers from the crowd. Haber is an alumna and former Chair of the Board of Trustees. View slideshow.

“As you may know, Lois was the Board Chair who provided the charismatic and determined leadership that resulted in the construction of this impressive new student center, the University Commons, which is nearly complete. Lois and Michael are dedicating Haber Green in honor of her class, the Class of 71, and the many lifelong friendships that Lois developed when she was a student here,” said Oxholm.

“Today is a gorgeous day. Students are having a blast all over the place, playing bean bag games, Frisbees and eating pizza,” said Jey Auritt, a Class of 1971 alumna and a member of Arcadia’s Board of Trustees.

“On behalf of the Class of 1971, we’re pleased to present Haber Green. We have many good memories on this green…and we hope you enjoy it for years to come,” Judy Odonovich ’71 added.

Nearly 300 barefoot students were the first to rush onto the sparkling new grass on Haber Green. President Oxholm led the countdown and ribbon-cutting–with 40 students cutting simultaneously—and then students flooded the reopened field to enjoy free pizza—One hundred pies disappeared within eight minutes!—and games, including Frisbee and ladder ball. (Photos.)

Video by Michelle Tooker ’07 and Purnell Cropper. Photos by Pedro Leal ’13, Josh Blustein, Kara Wright ’14, Sue Gettlin, Lori Bauer, Jordan Richards ’15, Lindsey Deal ’13, Sarah Schwartz ’10 and Natasha Torrence.