President Oxholm Visits Arcadia in Rome

By Purnell T. Cropper | December 2, 2011

Ciao! President Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III has made his inaugural visit to one of the 75 cities where The College of Global Studies operates, and his travels took him to Rome—and the Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies (AUCIS).

Oxholm was accompanied by Dr. Nicolette DeVille Christensen, Vice President of The College of Global Studies. Greeting him on their first official visit was Arcadia Resident Director Tina Rocchio, AUCIS staff, as well as Arcadia Resident Director of Sicily, Lucia Ortisi. They welcomed the President and his wife, Kim, by introducing them to the unique and enriching opportunities for Arcadia in Rome students, including curricular opportunities at Arcadia’s partner institution in Rome, Università degli Studi Roma Tre.

Also meeting President Oxholm was Director Lucia Ortisi of the Arcadia in Sicily program in Siracusa, Italy. The team celebrated signing the long-term lease for the Arcadia Mediterranean Center of Arts and Sciences. The Center offers a wide range of courses for semester and summer students. Many courses feature academic field excursions, enabling students to explore diverse aspects of Mediterranean history and culture. The program will open officially in mid-January.

“This visit has opened my eyes to the richness of the experience we provide to our students,” said the President. “We inject them into their new communities in their studies, their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, and even their living arrangements, exposing them to the complexities and cultural richness that were unimaginable to me. The students here have confirmed just how incredible this experience is for them. And all of it is made possible by the wonderful combination of passionate work by our Arcadia staff and the creative partnership with Roma Tre that has been supported so enthusiastically by the Rettore.”

Tobey and Kim Oxholm head next to Paris, and meetings with the American Graduate School in Paris, which offers coursework and degree programs including a Master of International Relations and Diplomacy offered in affiliation with Arcadia. The College of Global Studies’  Arcadia in Paris students also are busy concluding their fall semester in specialized areas of study including courses in French language, history, politics, law and culture with a particular focus on France, Europe and Africa.