‘6x6x6x36=2012’ Shows Off Art and Design Seniors

By Purnell T. Cropper | January 20, 2012


The exhibition “6x6x6x36=2012” is “the best cube show we’ve had,” says Carole Loeffler, Assistant Professor of Art and Design. “Each Art and Design senior majoring in a studio art was provided a 6x6x6 inch plexiglass cube as an assignment for our Senior Seminar class. The “6x6x6” part of the title represents the plexiglass cube, the “x36” are the number of seniors, and “=2012″ is the year they will graduate.”

The exhibition is on view in the Judith Taylor Gallery in the Landman Library through Jan. 29, and the library will select two cubes to add to its collection. Cubes from two previous years can be viewed at the Reference Desk.

The course is taught by Loeffler, Karen Misher, Assistant Professor, and Abbey Ryan ’03, Visiting Assistant Professor.

The following seniors exhibited in “6x6x6x36=2012”:

  • Hannah Riotto | Donʼt Even Joke About That, Printmaking
  • Nada Khalil | Brittany, Scientific Illustration
  • Alicia Ballard | Consumerism, Illustration
  • Chelsea Foster | Fleur de Lume, Illustration, Art Education
  • Ashley Natter | The Suicide of Penelope Pod—The Death of Pods as a Function, Ceramics
  • Georgia Cook | Black & White Type Affair, Graphic Design
  • Brittany Rae | The Light Within, Interior Design
  • Christine Merryman | Doodles Gone Wild, Illustration
  • Sarah Bellomo | Take What You Need, Graphic Design
  • Jill Alves | Suck It, Interior Design
  • Melissa McNamee | Iʼd Stop The World & Melt With You, Art Therapy
  • Jon Porcasi | A Single String, Graphic Design
  • Cassidy Moran | Jigs & Reels, Interior Design
  • Michael Puglisi | Ambiance, Graphic Design
  • Sarah McDonough | Found Objects Interior, Interior Design
  • Connell Hennessey | Wait Your Turn, Metals & Jewelery
  • Rachel Connor | Time & Space, Graphic Design
  • Ryan Priest | Aftermath, Graphic Design
  • Gualy Santiago | Mr. Pepper Spray Fights Back, Graphic Design
  • Jenny Clay | Vernon, Ceramics
  • Kay Stauffer | The Path is Never Straight, Metals & Jewelery, Painting
  • Jim DiPaolo | “The Soul Becomes dyed with color of its thoughts…”- Marcus Aurelius, Photography, Art Education
  • Amanda Martinez | Touch Me, Iʼm Fluffy, Painting
  • Taryn OʼReilly | Silver Plains, Sculpture
  • Kate Transue | 1879, Painting
  • Lane Blumberg | Check it Out!, Painting, Art Therapy
  • Danielle Brown | Thesis Made Easy, Interior Design
  • Heather Markowitz | Earthly Delights, Interior Design
  • Chelsea Bucsek | Liberation, Painting
  • Larissa Krysiek | Romanov Romance, Printmaking
  • Drew Griffith | Couple A Rocks, Printmaking
  • Joelle Kisthardt | On the Inside, Scientific Illustration
  • Sarah Graybill | Do Not Eat, Illustration
  • Brendan Hendricks | Scintilla, Graphic Design