Wellnitz Takes on Harrowing Rock-Climbing Experience in Granada, Spain

By Purnell T. Cropper | January 28, 2012

By Katelyn Wellnitz

Hola Coach!!

Que tal?? How’s life at Arcadia??

Thought I’d send you some updates from espana about my most recent cross-training activity: rock climbing 🙂

Crazy fun. We drove out of Granada about thirty minutes to this little pueblo and then drove up a mountain. We were climbing at like 2700 ft. So crazy. My hands are all red and mottled and my knuckles are so sore. But, the reason I’m sending you this is because i was about halfway up my third climb, the hardest one, after about 3 hours of climbing and belaying, when I was about to quit. Heights freak me out and i was in a particularly precarious spot, with practically nothing to hold on to. I have no idea what my feet were gripping, but I was about as flat up against the rock as I could get, having a minor panic attack. I managed to calm myself down and push through it though by telling myself “You played thirty minutes of soccer in 4 inches of snow when you couldn’t feel your feet. You can climb a damn rock wall.”

Thought you might appreciate that haha.

Hope everybody on the team is doing well!! tell them all I said hola!!!