Howie ’00M Accepts 2011 Teacher as Hero Award, March 14

By schwartzsa | February 28, 2012 reported that Dennis Howie ’00M “will officially accept the 2011 Teacher as Hero Award presented by The National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia on March 14,” as reported by staff writer Christian Menno, Feb. 27. Howie graduated from Arcadia University with master’s degree in English in 2000.

[A]ccording to Howie, he will really be doing so on behalf of everyone who goes the extra mile to make the school more than just a building but a true community.

“To me, the award points to not just me, but to the entire staff from administrators, to guidance (counselors), to teachers, all the way down the line,” he said Friday. “And that’s what really makes this special for me.”

According to the museum’s website, the award honors the work of dedicated educators in the Delaware Valley who inspire, nurture and mentor their students.

Howie has been inspiring students for more than 15 years at the high school as an English teacher. Over the years he has requested that he teach not only Advanced Placement students, but also courses designed for lower level English.

“That gives me two completely different challenges and a chance to have an effect on students at different ends of the spectrum in terms of literacy and writing ability,” he added.