Inside Higher Ed: Staller Recognized as ‘Adjunct Hero’

By JoLynne Bremmer | April 20, 2012

Justin Myer Staller, Adjunct Professor of Art and Design, was recently interviewed for Inside Higher Ed’s newest blog feature “Adjunct Heroes,” which profiles outstanding adjuncts at universities around the country. Nominated because of his commitment to his students’ success, Staller explained what it’s like to serve as an adjunct professor at Arcadia University.

“Everyday I am amazed to see what [the students] are working on, how they are moving forward; it’s such an amazing experience to see the changes that take place in their creative minds and pop out four years later. I guess I’m just really proud of them and the work that our department does. Arcadia is a fantastic school and I keep coming back each day hoping that one day I’ll get to make it my life.”

Arcadia Art Share

University Relations caught up with Staller and senior Printmaking majors Drew Griffith, Larissa Krysiek and Hannah Riotto as they worked on senior thesis projects.

Justin Staller

Drew Griffith

Larissa Krysiek

Hannah Riotto