Loury Hosts ‘Transition Blues’ Panel at the 2012 Women’s Veteran Forum

By schwartzsa | June 5, 2012

Dr. Doreen Loury, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director of Act 101, presented at the Women’s Veteran Forum at Temple University on Friday, June 1. The program, “Her Story: She Wore her Boots With Pride,” was the culmination of a multi-month project in collaboration with Temple University and the Black Male Development Symposium. The presentation included a panel titled “The Transition Blues.”

“This workshop [looks] at what happens when women return home and are making the transition from military life to civilian life and the difficulty and challenges this poses,” explains Loury. “Women veterans in particular, are expected to return to their role as mother, wife, sister, cousin, or aunt. Not taking ‘a time out’ to understand their new readjustment from their military role to their now civilian role becomes frustrating as they attempt to find employment, go back to school, seek out housing and benefits and reconnect to family and friends.”

Loury is a Marine Corps veteran who served during the Vietnam era. She also served in the Air Force Reserves for eight years.