MBA Reception Welcomes Students, Alumni and International Graduates from Singapore

By Purnell T. Cropper | June 5, 2012

Students and alumni of Arcadia University’s International M.B.A. program in Singapore joined M.B.A. students, alumni, prospective M.B.A. students, faculty and staff at the graduate business program’s second annual reception on May 16, given by the School of Global Business and the Office of Enrollment Management. Visitors from Singapore traveled to Glenside to visit Arcadia University and participate in the Graduate Commencement ceremony on May 17.

Tom Brinker, Executive Director of the M.B.A. program and Professor of Accounting, welcomed more than 70 guests from different M.B.A. cohorts and areas of the University. President Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III, Dr. Steve Michael, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Dr. NJ Delener, Dean of the School of Global Business, addressed students and alumni and congratulated this year’s M.B.A. and International M.B.A. graduates. James Morris ’11M.B.A., President of the Business Alumni Association, expressed his commitment to alumni engagement and encouraged the involvement and participation of alumni.

Guests had the opportunity to meet School of Global Business faculty members Dr. Annette Halpin, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Dr. Wayne Morra, Professor of Economics, Robert Kieserman, Program Coordinator for the Health Administration program, and Adjunct Professors Dr. Karen Lawson, Raymond Lamorgese, and Jane Frankel.

Other faculty, staff and administration attendees included Mark Lapreziosa, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Michael Coveney, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer, Jan Finn, Associate Dean for International Affairs, Lori Bauer, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, and Dr. Sandra Hordis, Director of International Academic Programs.

“The long flight [to the U.S.] paid off when we were warmly welcomed by the students and members of the faculty during the M.B.A. reception held at the most talked-about Grey Towers Castle,” said A.J. Abd Karim ’12IMBA, who completed Arcadia’s one-year graduate business program in Singapore and participated in the Glenside commencement ceremony. “I’ve been to several graduation ceremonies, but the feeling I had at Arcadia University was somewhat different. The ambience was full of joy, a sense of pride and achievement, and there’s a spirit of unity amongst students from different countries and faculties. As an International M.B.A. graduate, this milestone in my life has definitely opened up many possibilities, both in my career and my personal life.”