Arcadia Enters Agreement with Changsha University

By schwartzsa | July 16, 2012

As part of a six-day journey across China, President Tobey (Carl) Oxholm III and Dr. Steve O. Michael, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, were warmly received at Changsha University of Science and Technology (CUST) on June 13.  There, they met with Dillon Wu, Director of the International Center, and signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The purposes of the cooperation between Arcadia and Changsha are:

  • To promote interest in the teaching and research activities of the research activities of the respective institutions;
  • To develop and deliver joint degree programs and other academic programs, such as certificate, short courses and seminars;
  • To explore and promote other intellectual and academic activities and ventures of mutual interest to the two institutions; and
  • To deepen the understanding of the economic, cultural and social issues and environment of the respective institutions.

A key university in the Hunan Province, CUST is located in south-central China. It is an engineering-centered multidisciplinary university which integrates engineering, science, management, economics, liberal arts and law, with a particular focus on the study of communications, electric power and water conservation.

CUST shares Arcadia’s vision for establishing a truly global campus through international exchange. The university cooperates with institutions of higher learning and research institutes all over the world including the UK, France, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Australia. In past years, CUST has hosted more than 400 foreign teachers and experts for teaching and lectures, and 500 staff members have been sent abroad for studies, international conferences, visits and lectures.