Appelbaum Presents at Journal of Curriculum Theorizing Conference

By Purnell T. Cropper | December 18, 2012

Dr. Peter Appelbaum, Professor and Director of Disciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies, and graduate students Chris Loeffler and Jules Mermelstein presented at the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice at the Bergamo Center near Dayton, Ohio. Loeffler’s presentation was titled, “Queries as Curriculum.” He is currently teaching the third grade at Wilmington Friends School in Delaware. Mermelstein, a social studies teacher at Upper Dublin High School, presented “Creating Change-Agents: Teaching Social Studies as if it Matters.” Appelbaum capped off the event for the Arcadians, presenting “An Articulate Puppet Doing an Excellent Job of Pretending to Be an Automaton: Benjamin, Ranciere, Zizek, and Curriculum.”Appelbaum Publishes Article Online in ‘Pythagoras’