Physical Therapy Department Well Represented at 2013 Combined Sections Meeting

By Purnell T. Cropper | January 30, 2013

Arcadia University’s Department of Physical Therapy was well represented at the Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association in San Diego, Calif., in January.

Program Planning

  • Marty Eastlack, PT, PhD, was the Program Chair for all of the Section on Research activities for the entire meeting.


  • “Consensus and Controversies in Rehabilitation of Rotator Cuff Disease.” Speakers: Lori Michener, PT, PhD, ATC; Phil McClure, PT, PhD, FAPTA; Charles A. Thigpen, PT, PhD, ATC.
  • “Writing With the Editors.” Speakers: Rebecca Craik, PT, PhD, FAPTA; Chris G. Maher, PhD; Steven Z. George, PT, PhD; Terese Chmielewski, PT, PhD; Darcy Reisman, PT, PhD; Kathleen Gill-Body, PT, DPT, NCS; Jan Reynolds; Riddle Daniel, PT, PhD, FAPTA.
  • “ Writing and Reviewing Clinical Summaries.” Speakers: Kathleen Kline Mangione, PT, PhD, GCS; Judith Deutsch, PT, PhD, FAPTA; Karen L. McCulloch, PT, PhD, NCS; Sally Westcott McCoy, PT, PhD; Jan Reynolds.

Platform Sessions

  • “Report on an Intensive Neurologic Clinic Experiential Learning Program in Rural Jamaica.” Presenters: Karen Sawyer, Amy Miller, Kristin von Nieda.
  • “Does the addition of a two week academic module focused on patient examination experiences affect student clinical performance?” Presenters: Amy Miller (presenter), Susan Tomlinson, Jamie Tomlinson and Janet Readinger.
  • “Associations Between Body Mass Index and Physical Activity Following Total Knee Replacement.” Presenters: C.A. Oatis, W. Li, M. C. Rosal, D. C. Ayers, P. D. Franklin.
  • “Physical Activity and Timing of Discharge From Physical Therapy Following Total Knee Replacement.” Presenters: C.A. Oatis, W. Li, M. C. Rosal, D. C. Ayers, P. D. Franklin.

Poster Presentations

  • “Improvement in Pain Pressure Threshold Testing and Function Following the Application of Noxious Electric Stimulation on a Runner with Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy: a Case Study.” Presenters: Scott Stackhouse; Brian Eckenrode.
  • “Reliability of Voluntary Activation Testing of the Infraspinatus in Healthy Adults.” Presenters: Anne Harrington; Thomas Fliss ’13DPT; Kerri Gherardi ’13DPT; Matthew Senese ’13DPT; Scott Stackhouse; Phil McClure.
  • “Description of Functional Outcomes Following a Short Intensive Neurologic Clinic in Rural Jamaica.” Presenters: Karen Sawyer; Brooke Riley; Kristin von Nieda; Amy Miller.
  • “Movement Strategies and Motor Control in the Sit-to-Stand Task.” Presenters: Jamie Tomlinson, Rebecca Craik, and Marty Eastlack, with students Stephanie Evans ’13DPT, Megan Smith ’13DPT, and Laura Van Arsdale ’13DPT.