McGinley Receives 2014 Martha Washington Award

By Purnell T. Cropper | May 23, 2014

At the University’s Years of Service awards luncheon on May 21, Linda McGinley, administrative assistant in Athletics, received the prestigious 2014 Martha Washington Award.

Letters of support for McGinley noted:

Linda is a passionate, professional, highly effective and efficient office worker, who successfully manages and organizes the core of nearly all of the administrative data, so necessary for the day-to-day operations of the department. Her multi-tasking abilities are astounding, handling the responsibility of channeling and tracking her normal administrative duties (too numerous to mention), while managing information from each team and coach, as well as assistant coaches, contractors, and even volunteers, all while still working under the direction of the athletic director, who has a ‘hurricane’ of tasks and new ideas for administrative improvements, growth, and efficiency within the department.

Another letter stated:

Linda is one of the reasons that Arcadia remains a great place to work. She brings sunshine to the entire campus.

The full list of this year’s nominees is:

  • Barbara Erickson, Biology
  • Bruce Keller, Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
  • Christine Kemp, Media and Communications
  • Barbara Kulp, Information Technology
  • Carol Lyman, Psychology
  • Jo MacKenzie, Genetic Counseling
  • Susan Mazzarella, University Advancement
  • Linda McGinley, Athletics and Recreation
  • LuAnn (Annie) Merritt, English Language Institute
  • Cynthia Nichols, Career Education
  • Donna Whitlock, Media Relations Manager

The Martha Washington Award is given for consistent excellence, exceptional performance, and contributions to the Arcadia University community.