Arcadia University Announces New Program on Human Rights and the Mediterranean Migration Crisis

By Purnell T. Cropper | December 9, 2014

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University is pleased to announce a new program for summer 2015 in Rome and Sicily: Human Rights & the Mediterranean Migration Crisis.

This three-credit summer program focuses on developing student awareness and understanding of global human rights issues highlighted by the current migration crisis in Europe.

Italy regularly experiences dramatic boat landings of people escaping from war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East, because of its geographical position in the very center of the Mediterranean Sea. This on-going human tragedy was most recently highlighted when a crowded boat carrying migrants caught fire off the coast of Lampedusa, a tiny Sicilian island between Tunisia and Southwest Sicily resulting in the deaths of over 100 men, women and children on Oct. 4, 2013.

Students will spend the first two weeks in Rome, examining the historical and legal contexts of migration, and learning from experts working with NGO’s that regularly handle various aspects of migration. The third week is spent in Sicily interacting with those directly involved in managing the immigration emergencies from meeting the boats to re-settling migrants.

The program culminates at the International Film Festival of Frontier in Marzamemi, Sicily where students will see the issues and emotions connected to migration documented and described through film.

Ms. Lorna Stern, Vice President, Arcadia University and Executive Director, The College of Global Studies commented: “This is an important and timely program dealing with critical and complex issues affecting millions of people worldwide. Mass movements of peoples affected by instability, war and poverty are challenging every region of the world demanding a multi-pronged response from governments, human rights organizations and NGOs. The multi-disciplinary approach will appeal to students from backgrounds as diverse as political science, sociology, film studies, cultural studies, and anthropology.”

This program is now accepting applications for summer 2015. For more information please visit our website or contact Chris Callas, program manager.