13 Arcadia Students Present Research at Moravian Math Conference

By Christopher Sarachilli | February 10, 2015

Thirteen Arcadia University students presented at the 29th Student Mathematics Conference at Moravian College on Saturday, Feb. 7, comprising half of the conference’s 26 student speakers. Arcadia also was the only of the 15 participating institutions to have a non-math major present (Matthew Hoffman ’15).

Arcadia Presentations

  • Hoffman: “Measuring Effect Size”
  • Elizabeth Begley ’15, Dzhessika Gorbacheva ’15, Xi Xia ’16: “Using Propensity Scores in Quasi-experimental Designs”
  • Eric Macchi ’15, Yihao Gu ’15: “Equal or Fair? A Look at Insurance Redlining”
  • Franklin Loeb ’15: “Level Up to HLM: A Way to Handle Multilevel Data”
  • Qian Yi Cheng ’15, Yimeng Zhang ’15, Yaxuan Zhou ’15: “Investigating Key Statistical Elements Used in Modeling Stock Portfolios”
  • Victoria Petrek ’15, Stephanie Roscher ’16, XinLing Wang ’15: “Techniques in Handling Missing Data”

For more information, contact Dr. Ned Wolff at WolffN@Arcadia.edu.