Dr. Brasof’s New Book Seeks to Amplify Student Voices

By Christopher Sarachilli | June 23, 2015

Student Voice and School Governance: Distributing Leadership to Youth and Adults (Routledge), a new book by Assistant Professor of Education Marc Brasof, details Dr. Brasof’s proposed process of creating school governance structures that produce active, informed students.

From the publisher:

While student voice has been well-defined in research, how to sustain youth-adult leadership work is less understood. Students are rarely invited to lead school reform efforts, and when they are, their voice is silenced by the structural arrangements and socio-cultural conditions found in schools. This volume investigates problems with the neoliberal school reform movement, and how youth-adult partnerships have resulted in more effective reforms within schools and community organizations nationally and internationally.

Stemming from an eight-year ethnographic study at a civic-themed public high school, the volume highlights the process of creating a school governance structure which produces active and informed citizens. Made up of executive, legislative and judicial branches, the program gives students the power to make, implement, and review school policies and practices—a model that has found to effectively distribute leadership and trigger organizational learning and is thus at the forefront of civic education.

Student Voice and School Governance is available at the publisher’s website.