Movement Is the Goal at Second Annual Camp

By Christopher Sarachilli | June 4, 2015

Physical therapy students helped persons with Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson Disease regain mobility at Movement Camp.

After the success of the physical therapy program’s first Movement Camp last year, the weeklong intensive exercise program once again served as a place to improve coordination, balance, gait, and mobility in people with Parkinson Disease. Participants from the Dan Aaron Stay Fit Program joined research students, faculty members, and student volunteers in dancing, boxing, and other activities at the camp, held May 26-30.

Organized by Dr. Janet Readinger, assistant professor of physical therapy and associate director of clinical education, and Dr. Kristin von Nieda, associate professor of physical therapy, Movement Camp also provided students with the opportunity to practice clinical skills and patient interaction by working one-on-one with the camp’s participants.

Readinger recently was awarded $1,000 from the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy section of the American Physical Therapy Association for her project based on the program, “Brief, Intense Exercise Program for Individuals with Parkinson Disease, Movement Camp: A Pilot Study.”

Research Students

  • Teresa Gero ’16DPT
  • Suzanne Johnson ’16DPT
  • Lauren McCole ’16DPT
  • Cassandra Sarago ’16DPT
  • Jessica Tarence ’16DPT
  • Kelly Wadlinger ’16DPT


Student Volunteers

  • Paula Bermel ’16DPT
  • Allyssa Chamberlain ’16DPT
  • Rachael Giordano ’16DPT
  • Sarah Gurgal ’16DPT
  • Laura Hutira ’16DPT
  • Carolyn Kantner ’16DPT
  • Diane Kim ’16DPT
  • Sarah Lopez ’16DPT
  • Christian Porter ’16DPT
  • Lauren Salter ’16DPT
  • Dianne Weeks ’16DPT
  • Junsik Yoon ’16DPT