Global Business Cohort Spurred into Action for Victims of Tropical Storm

By Christopher Sarachilli | October 28, 2015

This summer, students in Arcadia’s MBA Cohort 22 went to Dominica for the first of two international business experiences. Upon returning, the Cohort was heartbroken to hear how Tropical Storm Erika, which hit the island nation in late August, had claimed the lives of at least 20 people and left many more missing. In a matter of hours, Dominica was overwhelmed by more than 10 inches of rain, which washed away homes and roadways.

Upon hearing this distressing news, Cohort 22 was moved to send a care package to the Red Cross for those who were impacted by the storm, collecting hundreds of items, including food, diapers, bed sheets, personal hygiene packages, can/bottle openers, toys, flashlights, batteries, medicines, and more.

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