Math Capstone Brings Numbers and Models to War, Baseball, and More

By Christopher Sarachilli | January 18, 2016

Mathematics students present their final projects at the Winter Mathematics Capstone in December.

More than 20 students presented on: “Sabermetrics,” applying statistical analysis to baseball records; “Game Theory and the War on Terror,” exploring concepts such as the classic Prisoner’s Dilemma model; “Is Arcadia’s New Math Placement Exam Better Than the Old One?” comparing ways incoming students are placed into courses; and other topics in finance, web analytics, and mathematical modeling.


  • Justin Bongarzone ’17, Jeana Cattoi ’17, Luis Lopez ’16, and Geena Romero ’17: “Sabermetrics: Searching for the best predictive power in baseball”
  • Katherine Armstrong ’16, Kathleen Maher ’16, and Taylor Marsh ’16: “Game Theory and the War on Terror”
  • Theresa Dewa ’16, Priya Kaur ’16, Kristina Sandowick ’16, and Carmela Straiton ’16: “Is the new version of Arcadia’s Math Placement test better than the old one?”
  • Michael Maderich ’16 and James Sundwall ’17: “The PageRank Vector and its Application to Internet Search and Graph Clustering”
  • Samantha Chalupa ’16 and Joseph Yankoski ’16: “A Winning Strategy for Nim on Complete Graphs”
  • Jessica Mallepalle ’16 and LinXing Yao ’18: “Almost Self-Centered Graphs”
  • Barrett Doering ’16 and Liyuan Zhang ’18: “Analyzing Credibility using Bayesian and Buhlmann Techniques”
  • Boya Liu ’16, Yue Rong ’16, and Zhenbang Wang ’19: “Panel Data Analysis: The relationship between Inward Foreign Direct Investment and Entrepreneurial Activity”
  • Janel Moore ’16, ZhiYang Zeng ’18, and You Zhou ’18: “Investigating Volatility in Bull and Bear Stock Markets”
  • Zhenbang Wang ’19, LinXing Yao ’18, and Haijian Zhang ’18: “An introduction to Hierarchical Linear Modeling”