Marion Cohen Publishes New Poetry Books

By Caitlin Burns | June 22, 2016

Marion Cohen, adjunct professor of Mathematics, is celebrating the release of her 25th and 26th published books, Closer to Dying and What I’m Wearing Today.

Both books highlight Cohen’s passion for poetry, while merging it with other interests and observations. Closer to Dying, an unthemed chapbook, is Cohen’s observations about life and how we all look at each day as being “closer to dying” even when there may be years ahead of us. Shifting themes, What I’m Wearing Today looks at Cohen’s love of shopping at thrift stores and finding fashion treasures.

“Part of it comes from my conviction that fashion is not shallow, there can be depth to it,” Cohen said. “I think women are made to feel guilty when they like jewelry and shoes, and there can be a shallow aspect to it, but there’s a pressure about it too.”