Dr. Rosoff Presents at History of Education Society Meeting, University of Winchester Conference

By RetterJ | November 22, 2016

Nancy Rosoff, Dean of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies, presented “Engaging the Senses: Co-ed Magazine as a Source of Informal Education” at the Annual General Meeting of the History of Education Society (UK) in Malvern, England on Nov. 18. Examining publications from the 1950s, Dr. Rosoff illustrated the ways in which Co-ed magazine offered homemaking, relationship, and career advice to the public.

Dean Rosoff also discussed “Fictions for Teenage Girls in the UK and US, 1910-1965: An Introduction to the Teen Fictions Project” at the University of Winchester’s Center for the History of Women’s Education on Nov. 21. Presenting alongside Stephanie Spencer, head of the Education Studies and Liberal Arts Department at the University of Winchester, Dr. Rosoff provided an overview of their collaborative research on how novels written for teenage girls construct gender ideals.