Dr. Craik Presents Keynote Speech on Health Care and Physical Therapy

By Caitlin Burns | May 9, 2018

Dr. Rebecca Craik, dean of the College of Health Sciences, presented the keynote address at the sixth annual Southeast District Combined Sections Meeting on April 14 at Thomas Jefferson University.

Her speech, “Still Not Satisfied,” was an update to her 2005 Mary McMillian address that examined health care, higher education, physical therapy, and best practices. Her Sections speech expanded upon these topics in context of 2018, such as how the health care industry is now the largest employer in the U.S.; physical therapists’ position in the marketplace; the gap between research and clinical practice; the closure and merger of higher education institutions; and the continued lack of diversity in students and faculty.

In addition to Dr. Craik, the Physical Therapy Department was represented by Teresa Gero ’16DPT, who gave a two-hour lecture on assessing and treating pain in a physical therapy treatment plan.