‘Philadelphia Inquirer’ Reports on Dog Saved by ASB Students

By RetterJ | May 2, 2018

On April 17, The Philadelphia Inquirer featured Alternative Spring Break’s unexpected guest: a pitbull-mix the students christened ‘Spackle.’

Spackle joined the group on their last day volunteering in Dickinson, Texas, where Hurricane Harvey left a trail of destruction as well as many abandoned animals. Once it became clear Spackle was without a home, Kiara Jacoby ’20  and Tori Zaccaria ’18 took it upon themselves to care for the dog, raising thousands of dollars for shelter, veterinary bills, and transportation to Philadelphia. The floppy-eared rescue was anointed the Community and Civic Engagement Center’s unofficial mascot and found a new home with Jacoby’s family in Bucks County.