Dr. Ford Receives Grant for GenCyberCoin Project

By Caitlin Burns | August 22, 2018

Dr. Vitaly Ford, assistant professor of Computer Science and Mathematics, has created a web platform where middle school and high school students can learn about cryptocurrency and web security through his grant award from the National Security Agency (NSA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

In 2017, Dr. Ford began working with GenCyber Camp at Tennessee Tech University to develop the GenCyberCoin Incentive System. GenCyber is a hands-on summer cybersecurity camp sponsored by the NSA and NSF that aims to inspire students to pursue cybersecurity careers. In developing this web platform, students will be able to learn about cryptocurrency as well as social engineering, bug bounty, and web security.

“Last summer, we deployed it at Tennessee Tech’s GenCyber camp, and it was very successful,” said Dr. Ford. “The NSA and NSF sponsor about 160 camps throughout the United States, and this platform will be available to all of those camps.”

The grant, for approximately $16,370, will fund the customization of the platform, so each camp can tailor it to their needs. The grant runs through spring 2019.

“I’m excited– this was the first grant that I was awarded,” said Dr. Ford. “The first grant is always special, and it relates to cybersecurity, which is a passion of mine.”