Altamuro ’19 Wins Web Design Scholarship

By Caitlin Burns | March 20, 2019

Altamuro with her website design

By Caitlin Joyce ’20

As recipient of Lounge Lizard’s $1,000 Web Design Scholarship, Scientific Illustration major Alexandra Altamuro ’19 will be offered a design critique with Ken Braun, founder and chief creative executor of Lounge Lizard, a digital marketing and website design company based in New York, N.Y.

Though Altamuro studies Scientific Illustration, she discovered her talent for web design while taking an elective at Arcadia.

“A big part of Scientific Illustration is communicating complicated ideas, and web design is somewhat the same,” said Altamuro. “There is a lot that goes into a website, so making a site that is easy to navigate and enjoyable at the same time is a challenge. I love seeing projects come together in the end; it makes the difficult parts worth it.”

Altamuro discovered the Lounge Lizard scholarship through the Office of Career Education’s Handshake, the University’s employment hub for students and alumni.