Decades Later, the Arcadia Legacy Continues for the Langella Family

By Caitlin Burns | September 5, 2019

Pasquale and Giuseppe Langella while at Arcadia University

“The campus feels the same as 30 years ago,” said International Economics alumnus Pasquale Langella ’90, who visited campus on Aug. 22 with his son, Giuseppe Langella, who moved in as an international student with the English Language Institute. “I’m sad because I’ve lost him, but we encouraged him to study in the U.S. We want him to be exposed to different points of view and cultures, and this is one of the best experiences.”

Giuseppe, who plans to follow in his father’s footsteps and study Business, had heard about Arcadia from his father. His visit to campus solidified his ideas of joining the campus. 

“The people on campus were very welcoming and made a great first impression,” said Giuseppe. “It will be a great experience, and I can’t wait to make friends.”

After graduating from Arcadia, Pasquale built a grain company, Finagrit S.R.L, that imports and exports varieties of wheat, barley, corn, rice and soy from around the world. Developed based on the millstone and pasta factory his grandfather began in the 1920s, Finagrit has two locations– Vercelli and Naples, Italy. The Vercelli location focuses exclusively on rice, and building relationships with the producers, while the Naples location handles the import and export of hard and soft wheat, barley, corn and soy.

“My experience at Arcadia was great, and I was very happy when Giuseppe asked to follow the same path,” said Pasquale. “When I returned home after four years at Arcadia, I started challenging myself and felt I could handle any difficult experience. Arcadia and U.S. have helped me to open my mind and learn to work with people and cultures from around world.”