Yaeger ’07 Empowers Arcadia Students and Entrepreneurs, Pursues Her Dreams

By Andrea E. Walls | December 5, 2019

The most successful leaders have experienced failure. It’s okay to be imperfect and stumble as you learn. Keep going, and remember that there are a lot of us on this entrepreneurship journey together.

– Candace Yaeger ’07

Executive Coach Candace Yaeger ’07 views her seemingly unconventional career path as a mountain-climbing expedition rather than a race up the corporate ladder. 

Photo by Amy McDermott of Heart & Soul Portraits.

“A few years ago, I attended a women’s leadership conference in Dallas where the keynote speaker encouraged the audience to ‘lift as you climb,’ which made an impact,” explained Yaeger, a Psychology alumna. “It became my mantra to help people embrace their aspirations, realize their fullest potential, and do what they love.”

Arcadia helped the Philadelphia native develop an aptitude for psychology and human behavior. But her journey took several detours along the way. In 2011, Yaeger experienced two watershed moments that changed her life’s trajectory. 

Yaeger had just received a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology from LaSalle University and was working as a community mental health therapist when, during the same week, one of her young clients lost his battle with addiction, and her brother died in a traffic accident. These experiences compelled Yaeger to take inventory of all professional possibilities as well as more opportunities for happiness and holistic success. 

“My world turned upside down,” she said, “[That week] shaped my future decisions and made me realize that life is too short to settle for a job that isn’t the best fit. One of the last conversations I had with my brother was about enrolling in graduate school, so that’s what I did.” 

Alumni Career Mentor Program

The Alumni Career Mentor Program also provides opportunities for mid- and senior-level professionals to mentor and provide guidance to recent Arcadia graduates who are in their early- to mid-career stages. Interested in becoming a mentor to other alumni or in requesting a mentor? Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at  alumni@arcadia.edu or 215-517-2566.

While in Drexel University’s MBA program, the results-driven entrepreneur developed Green Skyline, a solar energy company co-founded by her husband, Jacob. Yaeger assumed leadership of the company’s business development and marketing through a process she describes as “baptism by fire.” Then, Yaeger discovered her passion for mentoring young entrepreneurs who share an undeniable determination to take risks and build sustainable businesses from start to finish.

In 2013, Yaeger brought her psychology expertise and business acumen back to her alma mater. She became a mentor in the Alumni Career Mentor Program, a collaboration between the Arcadia University Alumni Association and the Honors Program that matches alumni volunteers with students based on similar interests, majors, geographic location, and career goals. 

“My experiences as an Arcadia mentor have been incredible, especially these past two years with mentee Maya Walker ’19,” said Yaeger. “The program fosters mentor-mentee connections and conversations through FaceTime, phone calls, and the spontaneous ‘Three Chats Over Coffee’ component.” 

Photo by Amy McDermott of Heart & Soul Portraits.

Within a year of joining the Alumni Career Mentor Program, Yaeger launched a new full-time enterprise—one she considers her dream job and life’s work—as a business success coach. 

Yaeger, who resides in Doylestown, helps professionals at every career stage achieve greater profits, productivity, and personal fulfillment. 

“Most often, clients are executives in transition or feel stuck in their current positions and are ready for the next steps,” she said. “I understand completely and help them discover where they need to be.”

With her success coaching featured on a variety of media outlets including 98.1 WOGL, iHeart Radio, and CBS Philly, Yaeger continues to encourage those who want to make positive changes in their professional and personal lives. 

For anyone afraid to start a new venture, Yaeger advises: “The most successful leaders have experienced failure. It’s okay to be imperfect and stumble as you learn. Keep going, and remember that there are a lot of us on this entrepreneurship journey together.”