Dr. Appelbaum Co-Edits Book on Effects of Sound in Education

By Caitlin Burns | April 13, 2020

Headshot of Dr. Appelbaum

Dr. Peter Appelbaum, professor of Education, co-edited “Sonic Studies in Education: Echoes, Reverberations, Silences, Noise,” a book that explores the ways in which sound considerations can affect how people recognize, identify, plan, assess, and design educational possibilities within the classroom. Co-editor Dr. Walter S. Gershon is a professor at Kent State University.

Dr. Appelbaum uses sonic studies throughout courses he teaches at Arcadia. His University Seminar course, Ear Cleaning, is an experimental music course that introduces students to the creation of musical instruments, the invention of musical notation systems, and the place of sound in the history of art and social activism.

“As the means through which knowledge is passed from one person to another, sounds outline the fluid, porous boundaries of educational ecologies,” noted Dr. Appelbaum. “This book draws out and expands upon the already-present sonic metaphors that exist at the center of philosophical and historical foundations of educational studies. By highlighting emerging attention to sound scholarship in education, contributors attend to and otherwise explore sound possibilities for educational theory, policy, and practice.”