Rosso ’16M, MFA Has New Fairytales Book Reviewed by Mookychick

By Caitlin Burns | June 17, 2020
She is a Beast cover art

She is A Beast, a book of fairytales by Christina Rosso ’16M, MFA, was reviewed by Mookychick, a London-based feminist media site. The book, published by APEP Publications, centers around thematic issues of morality, patriarchy, and survival.

She is A Beast is a necessary text in the growing canon of feminist fairy tales. It challenges the notions of good and evil. These lines blur in the face of desperation and survival,” wrote Mookychick editor Juliette van der Molen. “Rosso is not afraid to face the hard truth that survival is not pretty…There is no one else coming to save them. These women are taking charge in whatever ways they can, given the climate and society they live within.”

Van der Molen praised Russo’s reimagining of fairy tales such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, as her writing centers the empowerment of the heroines within the classic stories.