Arcadia University Announces Reduced Tuition for Summer 2021 Programs

By Caitlin Burns | March 8, 2021



To help address challenges students and families may be facing due to COVID and other disruptions, Arcadia University is offering a reduced rate of tuition for its 2021 Summer Session programs. 

Arcadia’s undergraduate summer 2021 tuition rate of $600 per credit hour is a reduction of nearly 20 percent from the previous rate of $745 per credit. In addition, undergraduate financial aid is available for Summer Sessions; undergraduate students interested in financial aid should complete the 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Summer 2021 Financial Aid Interest Form. Undergraduate transfer student applicants who have been accepted to Arcadia will receive an additional discount of 50 percent, bringing the per-credit tuition down to $300 per credit hour in summer 2021. 

The 2021 tuition rate for Arcadia’s Master of Education programs of $705 per credit hour, which begins with Summer sessions but will continue forward into the fall and spring semesters, is a reduction of nearly 10 percent from the previous rate of $780 per credit hour. Arcadia’s School of Education graduates are serving as teachers, principals, school administrators, superintendents, and, recently, as Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

Arcadia’s Summer Sessions are a great opportunity for students to catch up on classes, earn credits, conduct research, and boost their academic or professional career. Whether students are looking to change careers, enhance their skills, or enter the teacher field, Arcadia has a flexible schedule of programs available for both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as working professionals seeking graduate degrees or certifications. 

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