Gateway to Success Mission and Philosophy


The Gateway to Success/Act 101 Program exists to:

  • Assist students in taking responsibility for their intellectual, academic, personal, communal, and social development.
  • Guide students to move to a level of “ownership” which requires them to become self-directed and self-aware.
  • Provide students with personal individual attention throughout their tenure at Arcadia University.

We accomplish our mission by providing programming resources for students beginning as early as the summer session before freshman year. Our program is designed to support the student from transition into college, through enrollment and matriculation, to graduation and beyond.

Program Requirements

  • Students meet individually with program staff throughout each academic term to identify, adjust if needed, and stay on track with personal, academic, and professional goals.
  • Each student is assigned a peer mentor for the entire first academic year of study at Arcadia (summer session, fall, and spring semesters). 
  • Resources associated with the program are available to each Gateway student during their entire time of matriculation at Arcadia University.
  • All Gateway students must take the required Learning Strategies course (ID100) at least once to acquire the information needed to be a successful student at Arcadia. Topics include:
    • Time management
    • Goal setting and motivation
    • Majors and careers
    • Specific reading and study techniques 


The Seven Vectors: Identity Development

Chickering, A.W. (1969)
Education and Identity, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

  • Developing Competence
    • Intellectual, interpersonal, physical and manual skills
  • Managing emotions
  • Moving through autonomy towards interdependence
  • Developing mature interpersonal relationships
  • Establishing identity
  • Developing purpose
  • Developing integrity