On-Campus Recruiting

Arcadia's On-Campus Interviews:

On-Campus Interviews provide employers with the convenience of conducting multiple interviews during a one-day period at the university. Beginning in Fall 2017, all interviews will be scheduled and conducted during On-Campus Interview Week. Career Education staff can reserve the OCE Interview Room, to meet students in a quiet private environment. Employers can request an on-campus interview date within Handshake.

Organizations can request 30-minute, half day interviews in the morning (9am-12:30pm) or afternoon (1:30-5pm).  

To request an interview during On-Campus Interview Week, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Handshake account and create a job posting that the interview schedule can be associated with.
  2. Click on the Handshake logo in the upper left-hand corner of the page and then on "Request an Interview " on your account dashboard.
  3. Select Arcadia University under the School section and fill out the required contact information clicking "Next" at the bottom of the page to advance to each tab.
  4. Under the "Timeline" select the interview date and time you would like to request (you can also select an alternate date/time). You will also need to select the type of interview schedule you would like to conduct (Beginning in Fall 2017, the Office of Career Education will only approve pre-select interview schedules). 
  5. Next click on the "Jobs" tab to attach your position to the interview schedule. You can create a new job, copy details of a past position or select an existing job that is already posted within Handshake.

Please note: All interview requests will be reviewed and approved by the Office of Career Education. You will be notified once your interview request has been reviewed. On-Campus Interview Week schedules are available until filled. If the On-Campus Interview Week dates do not work with your schedule, please email Recruit@arcadia.edu.

Additional On-Campus Recruiting Methods:

  • Information Sessions are an effective way to introduce potential interns and employees to employers and prospective students to graduate schools. These sessions are designed to give attendees information about companies and universities from mission statements and history to the newest products, services, programs, and opportunities available.
  • Recruiting Tables in the bustling student center area called The Chat, or in front of the Dining Complex, gives employers and graduate schools the opportunity to talk informally with students about the opportunities that exist in a casual setting. Click here to request a date for tabling on-campus.
  • Presentations are made by employer representatives to classes and student organizations on topics and issues of mutual interest. This builds a foundation for cultivating relationships with faculty and student leaders.