Interview Tools & Resources

Congrats! You've landed the Interview! But now what?


Taking the time to prepare in advance of an interview will build your confidence and give you an edge over the competition. Sharpen your skills with these resources:

Video Guides:


Don't "wing it" - it shows!  You can drastically improve your ability to discuss your skills through a practice interview on campus at Arcadia

Prove It

Quinncia is an online career preparation platform helping the student to prove their developing interview skills. They offer online interview simulations with feedback.

  • Create your account in Quinncia with your Arcadia email address and then upload your resume
  • Register for a real-time interview with an expert from Quinncia (*You will need a resume and webcam in order to conduct the interview)
  • Once you finish your practice interview, select "request feedback" and your interview will be scored. You'll then be provided with feedback electronically (typically within 24 hours).
  • Check out this video tutorial and the student guide for extra tips on making Quinncia work for you!
Quinncia Student Tutorial Video