Criminal Justice

More Than A Cop Shop

Law enforcement is an honorable field, however Arcadia University’s Criminal Justice program is more than just a foundation for police work.

The Criminal Justice program at Arcadia will provide you with the conceptual and research knowledge needed to think critically about issues across cultural, geographical, and political borders. This program creates and instills a set of values respecting human individuality and dignity that will influence the way you view criminal justice tasks and perform responsibilities once you begin your career.

What to Expect

  • Study important issues such as corrections, juvenile justice, social policy, criminal behavior and criminal justice systems.
  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between the criminal justice system and other social institutions
  • Examine the roles created by such a system in American society
  • Think comparatively about international issues in criminal justice
  • Learn outside the classroom, through study abroad, internships, and participation in an “Inside/Out” course (which takes place in a Philadelphia County prison). 

Required courses in Sociology provide students with the ability to think analytically and scientifically about issues within a social science framework. Included in this understanding is an awareness of the social and political implications of crime, mechanisms of control, and social and public policy. 

Career Paths

The knowledge base and skilled acquired through the process of evaluation and critical inquiry will prepare you for criminal justice professional training or graduate-level education.