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Minor in Linguistics

This 20-credit minor within the Modern Languages and Cultures program combines well with many Arcadia majors and a student’s desire to strengthen his or her language skills for a particular career or life goal. Linguists are typically most interested in precise and systemic understanding of human language, the forces that cause language to change over time, and the historical relationships that exist among the world’s languages.

What to Expect

  • Leveled classes in language structure and organization, phonology and phonetics, syntax and morphology, sociolinguistics, and language acquisition
  • Elective study in migration and politics, understanding language learning, and language revitalization

Career Paths

A minor in linguistics is beneficial for work in the computer industry aspects of speech recognition, search engines and artificial intelligence, for teaching English as a primary or second language in the U.S. and abroad, for speech pathologists and therapists, and in international business, global government relations and diplomacy, law, medicine, advertising, publishing, and theatre.