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About the Peace Corps Prep Program at Arcadia

Arcadia University, in cooperation with the Peace Corps, has established the Arcadia University Peace Corps Prep Program, which aspires to prepare you for global careers in service, education, business, global health, and international studies.

Arcadia’s Peace Corps Prep Program builds on the international mission of Arcadia, and aims to expand the classroom using applied learning through partnerships with volunteer and non-profit organizations. Driven by Arcadia’s strong curricular history of study abroad, service learning, and field work, the Peace Corps Prep Program crystalizes opportunities for Arcadia students who are interested in serving in the Peace Corps and other service organizations, or students who are developing international careers.

The program will give you an advantage in your future, no matter what Arcadia major you take and whether or not you are Peace Corps-bound. Being part of the program shows future employers that you have gained a clear sense of the world, and can think and act globally with understanding and cultural empathy. While the program does not guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps, you will gain skills which are an advantage in the competitive application process and in other international development work. 

Program Structure

Students in the Peace Corps Prep certificate program engage in a wide range of learning experiences, including courses, research, and co- and extra-curricular activities. The program is interdisciplinary and global, preparing students for future experiences in complex international settings. Students may use the credits earned to develop a minor in Education, Business, Public Health, International Studies, or Political Science. Students in the Peace Corps Prep certificate program will be advised by the Peace Corps Prep Program Coordinator.

Admission Requirements

Any student in any discipline is eligible to apply for the Peace Corps Prep certificate. Additional courses may be considered/approved on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Peace Corp Prep committee.