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Arcadia’s hybrid program is delivered through a blend of self-guided coursework, live online classes, and in-person clinical rotation experiences. Students in the on-campus and hybrid PA program progress through courses on the same schedule. Find out more about the Arcadia hybrid program’s competencies.

  • Live weekly classes led by Arcadia’s distinguished faculty are designed to promote collaboration and discussion in real time.
  • Self-guided coursework that’s accessible from your tablet and computer enables you to plan your assignments and cover material at your own pace.
  • Clinical rotations allow you to learn from respected health care practitioners and interact with patients in your own community.
  • Dedicated student support from our teams—admissions, student success, and technical support—is available at every phase of the program.

Your community needs PAs, and compassionate patient care starts at Arcadia. Take the first step—request information to get in touch with our admissions team today.



Hybrid PA Program Mission Statement

The Arcadia University Department of Medical Science has a history of success in educating compassionate and highly qualified medical professionals who are lifelong learners. We are invested in creating a diverse, learner-centered, collaborative environment.

Our Physician Assistant Programs are committed to fostering resilience in an increasingly complex and interrelated global society. We prepare our students to excel in professionalism, leadership, and service. 

The Arcadia University Hybrid Physician Assistant Program offers a progressive learning experience that combines an online blended learning curriculum with in-person experiential learning that is facilitated by experienced principal faculty. This platform increases access to individuals across the country and offers a level of flexibility to those who need it. We recognize the changing landscape of medicine and prepare our students with skills that will help them to be valued stewards of the physician assistant profession for years to come.

The Program has established the following goals, for which our effectiveness will be published when data becomes available.