Subway Therapy a project by Matthew “Levee” Chavez

Arcadia Exhibitions Presents

Subway Therapy a project by Matthew “Levee” Chavez

March 1 – April 2, 2017

About the Exhibition

Subway Therapy features approximately 2,000 anonymous sticky notes posted on the walls of New York’s Union Square and 14th Street/6th Avenue subway stations directly after the 2016 presidential election. Prompted by a single hand-drawn sign posted by the artist inviting passersby to “express themselves”, the sticky notes remained on the subway walls for five weeks, eventually numbering over
50,000 and spreading to other New York City stations and public transportation systems in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Toronto.

Subway Therapy, 14th Street Station at Seventh Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas, New York City, November 13, 2016.
Photo credit: Aaron Cohen.