Day on Campus and OverKnight Program for Admitted Students

The Day on Campus/Overknight programs are for admitted students and by invitation only. For more information, contact


  • The OverKnight program includes a Day on Campus (DOC).
  • Students wishing to spend a night and a day should register for the OverKnight program.
  • Students wishing to spend ONLY a day on campus should register for the Day on Campus program.


Upcoming Dates

The DOC/OK program has concluded for Spring 2018. 

Space is limited.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Day on Campus?

The Day on Campus program allows you to experience a typical class day at Arcadia University. A current Arcadia student will be your host for the day, and you will accompany him/her to all of their daily activities: classes, meals, work study, extracurricular activities, and whatever else their day includes. We encourage you to participate in any social activities with your host but do not arrange for specific activities for prospective students. The goal of this program is to allow you to experience a typical day of classes with an Arcadia University Student. 

What is an OverKnight?

If you would like to experience a full 24 hours on campus, you can participate in an OverKnight experience by staying with a student host in their room in a residence hall the night before your "Day on Campus." There will be a campus activity that your host will accompany you to during the evening which will allow you to see a more social side of campus and interact with other students. 

Where will I be staying as an OverKnight guest?

Students spending the night will be staying in their host’s room. Hosts may be any class year so housing accommodations will vary from a traditional residence hall to the Castle to suites or even apartments.  Accommodations vary by room and you may have to sleep on the floor.

What to bring?

Upon arrival, you will be provided with meal passes, a parking permit (if needed) and an excuse note to give to your high school. OverKnight guests should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel, and toiletries. Since this is a normal weekday on campus for our students, you should expect some study time, so feel free to bring homework or a book to read. You will also be provided with a coupon for the Bookstore and should bring money with you if you would like to pick up Arcadia gear while visiting.

Who will my Host be?

We make every effort to put you with a host who has similar academic interests, but we cannot guarantee that you will attend classes in your intended major. Hosts can be any class year. 

What if I need to cancel/change my date?

If you are unable to attend the program for any reason, please contact the Office of Enrollment Management as soon as possible. You will be sent more specific instructions along with your date confirmation in case something comes up at the last minute.