Day on Campus and OverKnight Program for Admitted Students

The Day on Campus/Overknight programs are for admitted students and by invitation only. For more information, contact


  • The OverKnight program includes a Day on Campus (DOC).
  • Students wishing to spend a night and a day should register for the OverKnight program.
  • Students wishing to spend ONLY a day on campus should register for the Day on Campus program.


Upcoming Dates

OverKnight (includes Day on Campus Experience)

Wednesday, January 30- Thursday, January 31
Tuesday, February 12- Wednesday, February 13
Monday, February 18- Tuesday, February 19
Thursday, February 28- Friday, March 1*
Wednesday, March 20- Thursday, March 21* (Harry Potter themed)
Friday, April 5- Saturday, April 6 (only available to students attending Scarlet and Grey Day) 

Day on Campus

Thursday, January 31
Wednesday, February 13
Monday, February 18
Friday, March 1*
Thursday, March 21*

* Registration not open for these dates yet

Space is limited.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact