Code of Conduct in Relations to Student Lender Selection Process

Our Commitment to Offering Student Choice

Arcadia University Enrollment Management Staff are committed to offering students choice when it comes to the student loan selection process. While Arcadia University works in cooperation with four or more lenders, students are free to select the lender of their choice but are advised to research loan terms (interest rate, rebate incentives, fees, deferment and repayment terms, etc.) when making said selection. The Arcadia Lender Selection Committee chooses four or more lenders annually on the basis of:

  • Service, including timely processing and disbursement of loans
  • Competitiveness of products within the marketplace at the time of selection
  • Diversity of products offered

As such, the selection of these lenders is based solely on the best interests of the students/parents who attend the institution and Arcadia University receives no monetary remuneration for working in cooperation with these lenders.

In keeping with The Student Loan Sunshine Act, staff members in the Office of Enrollment Management abide by the NASFAA (National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators) Statement of Ethnical Practices. As such, no staff member:

  • Accepts any gift worth more than $10 from a representative of a student loan company/lender. Gifts include meals, travel, lodging and entertainment.
  • Accepts any remuneration or expense-reimbursement for serving as a member of a lender’s advisory board. Staff may, however, participate on advisory boards that are unrelated in any way to higher education loans.
  • Will enter into supplemental employment with lenders that create any potential “conflict of interest” with their duties as an Enrollment Management Staff member and student financial aid counselor.
  • Will enter into any revenue-sharing arrangement with a lender, or hold stock options with a lender.

Arcadia University requires all staff members within the Enrollment Management Office to complete a conflict of interest statement as well. Staff who knowingly fail to follow the guidelines of this document, or any of the guidelines listed above, will be subject to normal disciplinary guidelines.