Arcadia Ambassadors

Contact an undergraduate Arcadia student who is majoring in your academic area of interest so you can find out what the major is like—from someone who really knows! You can also ask questions about extra-curricular activities and campus life. Email us at Include the ambassador's name in the subject line.
Victoria C Arabio

Olivia J Baumgartner

English conc. Creative Writing

Amanda Nicole Buchner


Christopher "Chris" Cauffman Cooke

BFA Acting

Andrew "AJ" J Cawley

Sports Management

Alyssa Leigh Min Dalrymple


Amanda R Dombroski

History & Politics, Government, and Law

Ashley Donlin


Clare A Donovan


Olivia "Liv" M. Gendron

BFA Acting

Emily D Gottesman

Marisa O Gonzalez


Sydney E Graves

Kirsten Harte

Biology/ Pre-PA

Toniann R Helvick

interdisciplinary science, Pre-Optometry

Rebekah C Kontz


Jeremy M Lepore

International Studies

Jenna R Lussier

Sport Management

Kelsey L Mashinski

Actuarial Science

Jacob S McCrea

International Studies

Jaclyn "Jackie" M McDowell


Nicholas "Nick" M. McMullen

Computing Technology - Design

Robert Michaelson

Annaliese "Anna" Melvin

Elementary Ed.

Jane C Miller

Biology Pre-Forensic Science

Karissa Ann Noragon

Global Legal STudies

Amara Grace O'Connell

International Studies and French Studies

Teresa J Ontiveros

Computer Science

Delia M Pineda

International Business and Culture

Alexis K Roach

Education Studies

Anna M Spaschak

Amy D Stringer


Justin G Tai


Jack H Taylor

BFA Acting

Frank Ur

English Concentration in Creative Writing

Emily Wentz

Elementary (PreK-4) and Special Education (PreK-8)

Maya Zhao Walker

Business Administration/Marketing

Melissa Marlene Walker


Ariel H Wong


Amber J Zelko