Update from Human Resources

Sept. 11, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff, 

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Arcadia. With COVID accelerating structural changes at the institution, Human Resources, in consultation with our governing bodies and leadership, is developing workforce planning measures to review University operations, identify shared services and resource structures, review talent and skills, and align with unit processes. 

Below is an update on Arcadia programs that will continue to support our workforce planning. 

As previously communicated, all employees impacted by a furlough were contacted by Aug. 31 on their status. Employees identified for a furlough with the fall closure of campus were also informed. Furloughed employees will receive updated information by Oct. 30 and are encouraged to reach out to their supervisor or HR with any questions.  

New - Voluntary Separation Incentive Plan (VSIP).
Arcadia is pleased to offer a Voluntary Separation Incentive Plan (VSIP) as a one-time, limited separation incentive that provides important benefits to eligible employees. The VSIP offers a financial incentive to those faculty and staff who have been contemplating a career change or who have experienced a change in life circumstances that may be prompting them to explore other opportunities. 

It is likely that Arcadia will not offer a similar plan for at least five years. Employees who are considering making such a change in the next few years can take advantage of this limited-time VSIP opportunity to leave with supplemental funds. As the VSIP payment will be paid in a lump sum, VSIP funds can be used as a springboard to new opportunities.

As indicated by the plan’s title, participation in the VSIP is strictly voluntary. The University reserves the right to limit participation to ensure that interest in the program does not adversely impact the student experience and departments/divisions.  

To be eligible for the VSIP, the combined total of an employee’s age (in completed, whole years) plus their length of service (continuous, regular, full-time employment as an Arcadia employee, calculated in completed, whole years) must be equal to or greater than 67. There are also minimum service requirements, and participants in the VSIP must have not already signed a separation or retirement agreement.

Eligible employees will be notified of VSIP specifications shortly. Employees interested in better understanding what this program would mean for them are encouraged to review the plan documents and schedule a benefits counseling session with Human Resources. To make an appointment with HR, email, humanresources@arcadia.edu.

New – Compensation and Benefits Review
In September, Arcadia engaged compensation and benefits experts to assist us in a full Compensation and Benefits Review. HR is working on touchpoints with Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and the Arcadia community throughout the below timeline: 

  Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. 2021 Feb.  March April May June
Step 1: Conduct Discovery and Interviews with Faculty and Staff

Step 2: Job Description Update (Staff and Supervisors Only)  


Step 3: Develop Arcadia’s Total Compensation Philosophy




Step 4: Conduct Market Assessment



Step 5: Salary Program Design



Step 6: Implementation and Communication


Benefits Market Study



New – Talent Review Sessions with Performance Management 
HR led a summit for unit leaders to share their departmental goals and objectives aligned with the Arcadia2025 adaptive strategy and anti-Black racism initiatives. These sessions reviewed organizational structures and talent within each area and identified opportunities to strengthen communication and coordination across the University (e.g., marketing, digital transformation). 

As part of identifying and nurturing talent, HR is developing a staff performance management program with cornerstone elements such as advancing the Arcadia2025 adaptive strategy, modeling our Lived Values, supporting professional development, and strengthening the competencies needed for exceptional performance. The program will build on the excellent work completed last fall. While the challenges of COVID impacted progress this summer, it is anticipated that a pilot of the new performance management program will be held early in the Spring 2021 semester. Staff Council, employee, and supervisor focus groups will continue to inform the design and development of the performance management program.  

New - HMO Design Changes and Benefits Open Enrollment
To simplify our benefit plan offerings, we will discontinue the current HMO Flex and the HMO 515 plans and have established a “new” Keystone HMO medical plan effective Nov. 1. The Personal Choice High Deductible plan will continue to be offered. Additional information will be provided as part of Open Enrollment, which begins Sept. 28 and ends Oct. 12, 2020. Open enrollment will be “active” this year, meaning that all benefit-eligible employees must actively make benefit elections for Medical, Dental, and Flexible Spending accounts. The benefit elections you select will take effect on Nov. 1. 
For any questions or additional information, please contact humanresources@arcadia.edu.