Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy


Revised September 8, 2020

After the strategic direction was approved by the Board of Trustees in February 2020, the University has continued its work with community members to align a business plan, further develop risk profiles for initiatives, solidify KPIs, and develop a collaborative and routine system with the Board to monitor and respond to uncertainties, which may result in further redirection of our strategy.

We are confident that Arcadia’s future growth and prosperity will be well-guided by this adaptive approach. Undoubtedly, our efforts will lead to Arcadia’s next transformation. Even as we pay homage to the ingenuity and fearlessness that are our hallmarks, through our engagement with you, we have learned that today’s world demands more. Our Adaptive Strategy will keep us mission-focused while helping us remain nimble in a quickly evolving environment.

With such momentum and urgency, it is hard not to dream about the future. The community engagement activities in the past year-and-a-half are producing a spectacular dream—one that we are confident we can achieve.