Arcadia 2025 Adaptive Strategy

Theme Four Strategic Goal #1: UKnighted in Purpose, Empowering to Lead

Revised September 8, 2020

Objective #1:

Develop a Plan for Digital Transformation

A multi-phased digital transformation effort that will fuel innovation, enhance learning, maximize institutional resources, and improve business processes and stakeholder experiences at Arcadia University. The transformation will create the framework and infrastructure by which technology and data can be leveraged as key institutional assets.


  • Develop a University Data Governance (UDG) framework
  • Implement an Information Security Program
  • Launch a whole student lifecycle engagement platform through a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Pilot Data Analytics and Visualization project at an Institutional Level


  • Data stewards identified vs. the number of departments and colleges (domains)
  • Approved and implemented standards, policies, and processes
  • Full-time faculty and staff who have participated in information security training
  • Information security maturity level (rubric)
  • Personalized communications that are mapped and segmented by strategic groupings (CRM)
  • Admission conversion and yield rates
  • Institutional level data visualizations


University Data Governance - 6-9 months

Information Security Program - 36 months

CRM - Phase I - 8-12 months

Data Analytics -12 months


Objective #2:

Achieve Shared Governance Excellence

Enhance organizational effectiveness, intentionally balancing participation in planning and decision-making among
various campus constituents.


  • Codify shared principles and systems of shared governance
  • Evaluate and strengthen current Board structure and implement recruitment and
  • succession planning based on benchmarks


  • Diversity in university-wide committee participation
  • Participation rates in cross-functional areas
  • Campus-wide leadership reflects core competencies that are mission-critical to the success of the University
  • Board representation reflects core competencies and philanthropic objectives that are mission-critical to the success of the University


Evaluations 1-2 years